Bridges are one of the ways of replacing missing teeth, making us look younger, healthier and more confident.

Dental Bridges are a way of replacing missing teeth, using the support of the teeth on either side of the gap. They are made in a similar way to dental crowns.

If you have a gap, particularly of one or two teeth then dental bridges can be a great solution.


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What people say

“Thank you for the guidance given on suitable treatment. The work carried out by yourself and your technician on a 6 unit bridge was first class.”

What would it be like to have a smile like that

Gaps in our teeth can age us, as well as making us look less healthy or attractive. To fill these with a natural-looking bridge can complete a smile to make us look younger, healthier and more confident.


How do we complete the treatment

We will take an impression of your gap to create a natural, custom fitting bridge. Sometimes the teeth either side will need to be prepared to support the bridge, while other times the bridge can be attached to the tooth as it is. This impression will either be sent to our technician to create your bridge, or we may be able to make in in a single appointment onsite with our CEREC cadcam machine.


Will my teeth be damaged when I whiten them?

If you follow the instructions we give you there will be no damage at all to the structure of your teeth. In fact the peroxide has the added advantage of killing many of the bugs in your mouth which can lead to gum damage and decay. Your mouth if anything should be healthier after whitening treatment.

How long will it take?

We will usually prepare your teeth on one appointment and then fit your bridge 2 or 3 weeks later. Some smaller bridges we can make in a single appointment. If we are working over 2 appointments we will always provide you with a temporary bridge. You will not have any time with a gap during

Will it look natural?

The technician we work with will create an incredibly natural result. If we are making a temporary for you we will discuss the shape and colour, to help us understand how you would like the tooth to look. We will send photos of this to our technician and will often chat to him on the phone, so he can work to the same outcome.

Some awards we have won

We have been winners of prestigious awards in the past, and here are a few of them.

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