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What people say

“I was extremely nervous about receiving dental treatment- to the point that I shook uncontrollably and was near to tears at the thought of visiting you…I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but the whole thing was quite a pleasant experience, in fact I can almost say my visits were fun!”

How we create White Fillings After your tooth is cleaned and prepared small amounts of white filling material are added and shaped. The material is set with UV light, so you do not need to avoid eating afterwards. If your filling is close to the nerve of your tooth we will let you know and you will have the option of a root treatment. If your filling is particularly large we will chat to you about the option of a crown, which may be stronger in the long term.

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Find out:

  1. What to look out for that would indicate my teeth and gums are not healthy
  2. Should I be watching my diet to try to keep healthy teeth? If so what should I eat
  3. How should I teach my children to brush their teeth?
  4. Spotting the early warning signs of mouth cancer
  5. How to reduce tooth wear
  6. Spotting the early signs of gum disease
  7. Plus lots more…
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How much do white fillings cost?

Our fillings start from £75 and the price will vary depending on how large they are. We also have a membership at the practice, which reduce any routine costs by 20%.

How long do Fillings last?

This very much depends on their environment. Our practitioners will always try to make sure you are not biting too heavily on your filling, but sometimes this cannot be avoided. We always guarantee our fillings for a year, but we have some which are now 15 years old and going strong.

Some awards we have won

We have been winners of prestigieous awards in the past, and here are a few of them.

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