Dentures are the most traditional way to replace a number of missing teeth. They can work well for many people and the technicians we work with can make them look incredibly natural.

Full dentures can replace all the teeth in your mouth, while partial dentures allow you to keep your healthy teeth, while replacing those you have lost.

Whether you are missing teeth for the first time or are looking for new dentures to replace an old set we can help you to create the best type of dentures for you

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What people say

“I received my new denture, I now have so much confidence and can’t stop smiling”

What would it be like to have a smile like that?
Modern dentures are custom made with many different options available. There are options to make lighter metal frames, to attach them to healthy teeth for a more secure fit, or to secure them with dental implants.

How fast they can be made depends on the type of denture you choose, but same day dentures are available. These allow you to have your teeth removed and a new set of teeth fitted immediately so that you do not have any time in between without teeth.


How do we complete the treatment

How we create your denture will depend on which type you choose. They are all custom made and will usually involve a number of stages, to ensure that you are happy with the look and feel at the final stage.



Will I be able to eat normally?

No matter which type of denture we make for you we will make it to be as stable as we can. How secure it will feel depends on the shape of your mouth underneath and the type of denture you choose. If this is the most important issue for you we will advise you on the best solution for this.

How much will a denture cost?

Depending on the type of denture and support you choose, your denture can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. You will always be given options and costs will be agreed at the start of your treatment. We also have flexible payment plans, as well as interest-free and low interest credit available.

How long will they last?

Dentures are designed to be a long-term permanent treatment. They will wear out a little over time. How much depends on the strength of your bite. Sometimes the gum underneath your denture will change shape too and adjustments can be made at a later stage. We would expect that most dentures would last at least 10 years and we will try to spot any wear or issues early, so that we can help you to maintain your denture for as long as possible.

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We have been winners of prestigious awards in the past, and here are a few of them.

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