Dental hygiene

Dental Hygiene is the backbone of everything we do at No9.

This is both in terms of appointments at the practice and also advice on how to keep your mouth clean and healthy at home. Teeth are so much less likely to rot, break or fail if we can get our hygiene right.

What difference can Hygiene make?

For those with healthy mouths hygiene appointments can be largely preventative. They ensure that any early signs can be detected of anything going wrong, so that your mouth can stay healthy for as long as possible. For those with already treated teeth or gum disease hygiene appointments are likely to be needed more often. Keeping everything clean and getting advice on which areas to keep an eye on at home can be the difference between losing teeth imminently or keeping them for many more years. Regular hygiene appointments will reduce the amount of other dental work needed if advice is followed. Regular professional cleaning is the only thing that really slows down gum disease.

There is a growing weight of evidence that chronic inflammation in your gums is connected with other inflammatory diseases throughout the rest of your body. Keeping gums healthy therefore is seen to be more and more important.

What people say

“Erika was wonderful, she dispelled my fears and broke up the treatment into four sessions working very carefully. I suffered no reaction and no discomfort”


Will dental hygiene remove all the stains on my teeth?

Hygiene will remove most of your stains, but if you would like all the stains removed we would recommend an air-gloss polish.

Will dental hygiene hurt?

Many patients comment how gentle Erika is during their hygiene treatments. If she thinks the level of work you need may cause you any pain she will offer local anaesthetic, to ensure your treatment is pain-free. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to chat to her about these.

Some awards we have won

We have been winners of prestigious awards in the past, and here are a few of them.

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