Is it worth having my smile transformed?

Would you like to have your smile transformed and wonder if you should, or if now is the right time?

Below is the experience of a patient we recently treated to improve his smile:

Thank you so much for the excellent care and attention you’ve given me over the past few months whilst I’ve been preparing for and having dental veneers designed and put in place.  From the start when I was exploring having dental veneers, the entire process has been very straightforward, clear, and reassuring.  Pete and Sarah explained what the process would be from start to finish, what steps were involved, the commitment both in time and money and most importantly what my smile could look like!

I can honestly say you’ve completely transformed my smile! Not just the look and colour of my teeth which were worn, discoloured and less than straight but how I smile now. From someone who works with colleagues from all over the world I have been self-conscious about my smile and the look of my teeth for many years. Whether it be face to face client meetings or Zoom calls I’ve been acutely aware that the appearance of my teeth and therefore my smile was (in my opinion) unsightly. Maybe other people were not as aware of it as I was, but it actually made me avoid photos of me smiling as I didn’t like the appearance of my teeth.

With my new smile I don’t try and avoid laughing and smiling with friends and colleagues but can feel confident and relaxed at work on Zoom calls and at client meetings.  What a dramatic and positive change!  Yes, I wish I had it done years ago. It’s a costly investment but it has transformed more than just my teeth and smile, it has transformed how I feel about myself and that’s hugely beneficial.  It is well worth the investment in time and money and with hindsight I would have had it done years ago.

The overwhelming experience I have of the dental treatment is the meticulous attention to detail that Pete and the team provide.  Not only are they a friendly and reassuring team, their patience, concentration, energy and precision delivered the outstanding result that I was eager to attain in transforming my smile.

Everything from the communication, timelines, next steps, quality of care and service was flawless. I always felt reassured I was in capable hands, that Pete and the team had my best interests in mind. I valued the discussions with Pete about the look and feel of my smile, colour of my veneers and what would look natural and in keeping with my original smile.  My wife commented that my teeth look completely natural!  The whole process and treatment has been hugely worthwhile in time and money and I’d encourage anyone considering about having the treatment to have a conversation with Pete and investigate how he can transform your smile.

Thank you, Pete and the team, for all your hard work, dedication, attention to detail and guidance throughout the whole process, for transforming my smile and confidence.



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