Teeth Whitening

Whether we are American television stars are not, most of us would admit that we’d like whiter teeth. Brilliant white teeth don’t tend to come naturally and in fact most of us have teeth of varying colour.

Even the whitest of teeth can become dull over the years through staining from red wine, tea, coffee and smoking so getting them whitened can make a noticeable difference to your smile.

As of 31st October 2012 we can no longer provide in-surgery whitening because of a change in European Law. We can however still provide a custom-made home solution which is slower but generally more predictable and just as effective.


Q: How long does it last?
A: 2-3 years depending on your lifestyle, but whitening can be repeated.

Q: Will it damage my teeth?
A: Not at all.

Q: Are sensitive teeth a problem?
A: Some sensitivity is normal but it is best to chat to the dentist about this.

Q: Will my crowns and fillings whiten too?
A: Unfortunately not. Your crowns and veneers may need to be changed to match the new shade of your natural teeth.

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