Single Crown Case Study

Single crowns are one of the most challenging things we do. To match the colour, shape and character of the natural teeth either side we work closely alongside a great technician.

After discussions with the patient we send photos and information to get it right. In this case the teeth were whitened first to a shade the patient was happy with.

The patient’s greatest concern was the ugly black line at the gumline of his old crown. The new crown was made to join with his tooth under the gumline, so that it looks more natural.

The first crown made is not always quite right and sometimes we have to make a few adjustments, but this is time well spent for a better long-term result.





A patient's comments

At my latest review, I mentioned looking in the mirror and being unable to remember which tooth was the ‘fake one’.

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Ceramic Veneers Case Study

In this case the natural teeth were small and worn. This meant we could add ceramic veneers, without having to cut or damage the teeth underneath. The new smile is designed in wax first.

We then try the smile in your mouth, so that you can see and feel the proposed changes. This allows us to alter the sizes and shapes of any teeth, as well as testing how it feels when you talk.

The technician will then copy the smile you are happy with to make the final ceramic restorations.

Upper Arch Implants Case Study

This patient had failing teeth and a partial denture in her upper arch, which she desperately wanted to look, function and feel better.

After talking through various options we agreed on placing 4 implants and restored with a fixed upper bridge. Some patients prefer a fixed bridge, which cannot be removed.

Some awards we have won

We have been winners of prestigious awards in the past, and here are a few of them.

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