Should I use Smile Direct Club?


Many of you will have seen adverts such as those from Smile Direct Club, offering to improve your smile using an at-home kit and may have a lot of questions.

Is Smile Direct Club legit?

The information we get on the internet about improving your smile can be confusing. A great review can be followed by a scathing one. It is difficult to know who to trust.

Perhaps this is the key to whether you should use Smile Direct Club. The huge difference in results shows how unpredictable the treatment can be. You need to know what your attitude to risk is before you can make a choice on this type of treatment.

Can Smile Direct Club ruin teeth?

At our dental practice we see a wide range of patients looking to improve their smile. Before looking at moving anyone’s teeth we assess their gum health. Following this we take an x-ray of your  full mouth. This shows us the position of your teeth and the bone holding them. Patients with gum disease can lose the bone holding their teeth. If the teeth are moved they could then be pulled further out of the bone and be damaged or lost. If the teeth are moved too far to the edge of the bone the gums can shrink back and be lost, leaving the root of the tooth exposed.

A dentist or orthodontist assesses and discusses all these factors when seeing you in person. By choosing to send an impression without seeing a clinician you carry these unknown risks yourself.

You also need to know that you do have other options. Some patients come to us thinking they need their teeth moved, but after discussion realise they actually want to change the shape of their teeth, rather than the position. Hearing all the options we can surely make better decisions?

Is Invisalign better than Smile Direct Club?

So, who do you trust? How much risk do you take? You only start Invisalign treatment after an exam with a dentist. They have millions of cases worldwide to show their system is incredibly predictable. It may be more expensive in the short term. But it would be hard to argue that you are not a lot more likely to get the smile you are dreaming of.

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