Same day crowns

cerecDo you need a crown? Are you put off getting one because of time it takes and the need for temporary crowns? Think again. At No 9 you can have a new crown fitted in just over an hour without the need for impressions, temporary crowns or more than one injection.

In fact old fillings can be replaced with new porcelain or veneers and crowns made – each in one appointment. How is this possible? We have invested in the equipment required for ceramic reconstruction (Cerec).

You can watch your crown being custom-made on site, instead of us having to send it to a technician at a separate location. Your new crown is milled from a solid porcelain block, which will be stronger and will look more natural than traditional metal-based restorations. We can match it to the colour of your other teeth.

After your appointment you will leave the surgery with beautiful teeth and a natural smile! Cerec protects and preserves your own teeth, is perfectly comfortable, of great quality, long lasting and a very cost effective way of restoring teeth to their natural beauty.

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