Natural-look Dentures


Poor ill-fitting dentures can really dent your confidence and quality of life. Speaking, eating and smiling are all important to enjoy life at it’s fullest.

We will take the time to design and fit a great denture, whether it is your first or if you have one already.

There are many options to help us make the right denture for you. For most people a well-fitting acrylic denture is what is required. some will prefer a denture made with chrome, which is lighter, less bulky and allows you to feel the temperature of your food on your palate.

Implant-retained Dentures

For the greatest stability and to avoid the need to cover your palate a denture secured in place by implants is a fantastic solution. Dental implants are fixed to the bone under your gums and your denture can then be clipped on and off. This is the most secure solution and also helps to maintain bone in your jaw for the long-term to keep your mouth healthy.


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