Dental Implants


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The successful solution to missing teeth
Dental implants are considered the modern way to replace missing teeth but in actual fact they have been around for 40 years and are a wonderful solution to solving the unsightly problem of a gap in your smile.

You might have lost a tooth for many reasons ranging from gum disease and tooth decay to any manner of an accident. The loss is heartbreaking but it needn’t be – it can be readily solved and you’ll be back to living a fully quality life in no time. In some cases you can walk in to the surgery with your old teeth and walk out later with a brand new set. A new smile in a day!

What is a dental implant?
It is a small screw made of titanium, which is inserted in the jaw bone during a short operation usually under local anaesthetic. It then knits painlessly with the bone, forming a secure foundation for new natural looking teeth.

What are the advantages?
The main advantage is the permanency of the implant but there are more:
* they look, feel and function like natural teeth
* they are a stable foundation for crowns, bridges and dentures.
* there is no need to cut down healthy teeth
* they can help prevent bone loss, maintaining facial features
* there is no palate so speech and taste are not affected

Where and when are dental implants used?

Missing single tooth
Sporting accidents are a common cause of missing teeth, particularly in younger people and implants are the perfect solution. No healthy teeth have to but down for a bridge and you end up with the same perfect smile you had before the accident.

Several missing teeth
Again this might be accidental or the result of gum disease but a natural replacement is what most people are after in such a situation. The implants are a permanent, fixed and natural solution.

Toothless upper or lower jaw
Many older people have dentures, either full sets or half sets and many complain that they have difficulty in eating or speaking or that their dentures are ill-fitting. Again dental implants can help. Dentures can be implant-supported meaning the dentures stay in place and quality of life is vastly improved.

If you think dental implants can improve your life and you want to find out more, ask us for a consultation and you will soon be on your way to that fabulous smile once more.

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