Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics has changed

Wish you had straighter teeth? Many of us do. But the thought of the traditional specialist orthodontic treatment we see on teenagers, using unsightly braces can be off-putting.

Orthodontic dentistry has moved on, allowing the use of different types of braces with clear, or tooth coloured brackets that will allow you to smile even while your treatment is underway. Adult orthodontics may be all you need, or it may be part of a larger plan. Moving teeth before crowns, veneers or implants can allow you to retain more of your natural teeth while improving your smile.

Maybe your teeth have drifted back after the braces you had when seeing an orthodontist as a teenager? If this is the case your teeth can be straightened again and we can provide retention to ensure they stay straight for the long-term.

Worry no more, the perfect solution is now available, whatever age you are.

We have found a great system in:

Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

Using mainly a system with teeth-coloured braces we can move many patient’s teeth in around 6 months. If it is going to take longer we will always let you know at the start.


Here are a few of our examples.

 ortho 2

ortho 1

ortho 3

And if you don’t want anyone to know you are moving your teeth there is a clear alternative in Invisalign

With this system clear individual moulded trays move your teeth invisibly and predictably.

For many this is a fantastic option to straighten teeth and move towards the smile you would love to have.

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