Accredited by The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists

A Great Achievement

imagescaqb5rg0Tomorrow night Pete will receive his Accreditation from the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists at the Gala dinner at the Balmoral Hotel.

This is an incredible achievement, which has taken over four years. He has had to complete a number of different cases, demonstrating skills and understanding in different areas of restoring and creating teeth and smiles.

Only 15 other dentists have been accredited in this way, with only one other in Scotland. Pete wanted to work through the process of accreditation. He knew it would stretch him and force him to push himself further in the standards of his work. Having every aspect of his work judged from every angle was tough, but incredibly worthwhile.

Looking Forward

“Every patient is looking for something different. I don’t think I could help as many to the smiles they want without pushing myself. It has been hard to allow such detailed criticism from the assessors, but so profitable. There are aspects from each case I have submitted that have greatly improved my standard of work going forward. It wasn’t comfortable at times, but I genuinely believe all my patients have benefited from the development of my skills and understanding.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry it is good to have a dentist that knows what they are talking about. Accreditation is a great professional goal, but also a helpful signpost for patients.

I am looking forward to continuing to create new beautiful and individual smiles. Come and see me!”


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